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Bicycle Carriers/Holders

Volvo Folding Towbar Mounted Bicycle Carrier


Volvo Folding Towbar Mounted Bicycle Carrier

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Supplied with Volvo Branding - has small Volvo logo on each end.

Equivelent to the Thule EasyFold XT 2 931 model.

An exclusive and extremely compact bicycle holder with patented design for two bicycles, and which is easy to handle and store. With a simple two-step system, the holder can be installed on the tow hitch within seconds; it folds out and is then ready to be used. It gives you the freedom to take your bicycle on both long and short journeys. When the bicycle holder is not in use, it is easy to store either in your car or in your home. The bicycle holder is tested and certified to meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Aluminium and other high strength light materials have been used in this high quality holder.

The tow hitch connection has an ergonomically designed hand grip that makes it easy to close while providing maximum stability.

The bicycles are held firmly in place with unique, removable and lockable frame holders. The Frame holders are rubber coated for maximum grip and to protect the bicycle frame. The wheel holders have adjustable pump tensioners for easy attachment of the wheels.

The bicycle holder has a simple foot-operated tilt function, which means that the luggage compartment is easily accessible even when bicycles are mounted. Foot operation allows both hands to be free to support the bicycles when the bicycle holder is tilted. The holder can also be supplemented with a removable ramp that facilitates loading and unloading.

The holder has a double lock function, which means that the holder is locked to the tow hitch and the bicycles are locked to the holder.

The Towbar Wiring Adapter for cars with a 7-pin towbar connector may be required, See  Towbar Wiring Adapter.

Facts and Advantages

  • Supplied With Volvo Branding
  • Fully folded in only 2 steps
  • Modern design with exclusive, durable and lightweight materials
  • Lights with "light guide" technology
  • Pump binding for the wheels makes attachment easy
  • Ergonomically designed hand grip, which is easy to close
  • Detachable and movable frame holder
  • Foot operated tilt function, for easy access to the luggage compartment, even with the bicycles loaded
  • Folds away for easy storage
  • Lockable, bicycle to bicycle holder and bicycle holder to tow hitch
  • Suitable for most bicycles and wheel sizes
  • Suitable for all Volvo towing devices with 50 mm (2 in) ball diameter
  • Suitable for bicycles with 22-80 mm diameter frames
  • Suitable for long wheel base bicycles, for example, "downhill MTBs"
  • Suitable for bicycles with all wheel widths
  • Maximum load capacity - 2 x 30 kg (e-bike)
  • Distance between bicycles - 22 cm (e-bike)
  • Lock kit can be installed if you want the same key for the load carriers and bicycle holder, See  Lock Kit One Key System.

Technical Data

  • Material: Aluminum, plastic
  • Accessory weight: 17 kg (37 lbs)
  • Dimensions when folded:-
  • Width: 310 mm
  • Depth: 614 mm
  • Height: 675 mm
  • Dimensions when folded out:-
  • Width: 1232 mm
  • Depth: 614 mm
  • Height: 650 mm
  • Load Capacity:-
  • 2 bicycles, Max 60 kg
  • Max. weight per bicycle is 30 kg
  • Approval: TV, City Crash, XP R18-904-4

** Genuine Volvo Parts. **

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Peter - Derbyshire

Bought this for our 2018 V40 R T2 and two electric bikes. I've never had a car with a towbar before, so had to get used to handling it - which took just a few minutes. This bike rack worked perfectly from the outset. You need to remember to switch off the rear parking sensors when reversing, but that's all we had to learn. Vision through the back window is better than expected and the door mirrors are hardly obstructed.

The wheels are firmly strapped down with a ratchet system. Each bike is also held in place with an aluminium arm clamped to a cross bar or downtube, which ever is best. The first couple of time is a bit fiddly until you learn the best place for the clamps.

Now we've used it a few times, we can be ready within 10 minutes then drive confidently to our destination. Our bikes are 25kg each so within the weight tolerance of the rack. Being able to tilt the whole thing complete with bikes loaded to get into the boot is great. At our destination, it folds in to and comfortably fits on the boot. I bought the optional ramp to roll the bikes into place, but after one go , don't bother to use it. Maybe we will in a decade or so.

Overall, really excellent.

Ian - Cambridge

Great product, whether you own a Volvo or not (I don't). I read on other sites it can be a bit fiddly to fit first time, and yes, it took about 30 seconds to get the locking lever down. But once it was on and locked in place it is rock solid! In the past I've tried roof racks and various racks on the back of the car and this is by far & away the best option!

The only branding is the word 'VOLVO' once on each side, under the handle and is only about 1" high. It's not intrusive nor does it stand out. I spoke to the helpful staff before ordering and it is the same product as you'd order from elsewhere, just a lot cheaper!

All we need now is Volvo to start selling other products for a lot cheaper than Amazon! :-)

Sarah Gibbs - Hampshire

Brilliant.! Like the guy in the other review said. Its got, in my opinion very small, volvo branding and its £200 cheaper than anywhere else.! It does not bother me that is says volvo for the saving. Thank you.! Brilliant service.


Excellent product, quick and easy to use.

wayne - wales, united kingdom

Fantastic product, easy to use and set up, bikes very stable when on and unbeatable value from Volvo. Although I do not have a Volvo car i am not phased that this product has Volvo logo on as it has saved me £200 !!!

do not be put off by Volvo branding look after your cash its hard earned.